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“I have your voice. You’re mine!”

Part 2 of my thank you celebrations! Creature!Dean this time! Violethyena suggested Cecaelia!Dean and Mermaid!Cas! This was fun!

You can read into this what you want, but I think Castiel isn’t all that unhappy to belong to the sea witch! ;D

How do you draw tentacles??

asdfdfghjkl; I LOVE IT *_* :D It’s so pretty. And I think Mer!Cas kinda likes it, who needs a prince when you got Cecaelia!Dean.

You look at tons of octopus pictures :D


SeaWorld is 50 years old and we have 50 good reasons NOT to go there!

No. 33:  In the wild, the mean life expectancy of orcas is 30 years for males and 50 for females. While a very small number of captive whales has achieved these average life spans, most die in their teens and 20s and none have come anywhere close to the estimated maximum life spans of 60-70 years for males and 80-90 for females.

Please go to
Wdc-in-action/ending-captive-cruelty to support our fight against captivity!

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